Silicate Fertilizer


Silicate Fertilizer
New liquid silicon fertilizer, which perfectly combines the effects of silicon and potassium fertilizer。
Many field tests have been completed and proved that our silicate fertilizer has excellent effects on Gramineae, Monocotyledons, vegetables and fruit crops。

Fertilizer registration certificate number: Fertilizer (potassium) No. 1020001
Registration-free plant protection materials: Plant Protection System No. 00299
According to the "Organic Agriculture Promotion Law", it can be used in organic farming

  • Plants can only absorb orthosilicic acid (silica is soluble in water). Silicon can improve lodging drought, adjust the absorption of large and minor elements, and provide appropriate amounts to help plant growth。
  • Potassium is one of the three major elements of plants, which can enhance photosynthesis, improve the taste and color of flowers, fruits and vegetables, and inhibit the harm of excessive nitrogen。
  • On rice, Silicate Fertilizer can make the leaves upright and resist lodging, reduce the damage of rice fever and increase yield; on vegetables, it can increase plant weight, reduce leaf disease infection and extend the preservation time; on fruits, it can increase Fruit setting rate, increase fruit weight and flavor。
  • In addition to supplementing the nutrients needed by plants, the use of Silicate is also in line with the current international integrated pest management (IPM) concept to reduce the use of chemical and take into account the quality of crops.。