Company Introduction

About Us

TAI FUNG GROUP is one of the few large- scale professional business agent company in Taiwan. It has been operating over 70 years since its establishment in 1949. At the beginning of its establishment, with the goal of petrochemical, electric power, and public construction, it started and grew together with Taiwan's industries. Currently, it has seven subsidiaries operating in Taipei, Beijing, Los Angeles and Hong Kong.

Los Angeles
Hong Kong

Over the past few decades, TAI FUNG and our partners have participated in hundreds of large-scale infrastructure projects in China and Taiwan, including Taiwan's first oil refinery, ethylene plant, desulfurization equipment, Taipower hydropower plant, thermal power plant, and Formosa Plastics the Sixth Naphtha Cracker, Taipei MRT, Pinglin Tunnel of Beiyi Highway, Bali Sewage Treatment Plant, ocean discharge, airports, railways, ports, etc., to provide to the public and private enterprises. with technology licensing, design, construction, equipment and raw materials.

*Raw Materials

There are currently more than 120 employees worldwide, of which about two-thirds are technicians. Therefore, in the business development, a large amount of professional knowledge, market intelligence and operating experience have been accumulated. TAI FUNG GROUP obtains contracts of more than US$300 million for the foreign business represented each year.
In recent years, consumer products such as wine and beverages, have been gradually increased.

Operation Overview


Provide with the most advanced manufacturing process, design, equipment and spare parts to enhance the value of customers in Greater China.


Import raw materials, additives, consumables and exporting products for customers, two-way and multilateral trading business.


Expanded our services to Renewable Energy starting 2016: In response to sustainable development of the future environment especially in green energy like solar, offshore wind power and other related services and development.

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