about us

Tai Fung Group is a unique and professional agent in Taiwan and also one of the few trading companies that have successfully imported industrial technologies to the Greater China region since 1952 and is still actively participating in many of these major projects today. Since its establishment, Tai Fung has been focusing on introducing imported technologies related to Petroleum, Petrochemical, Power Generation, as well as Infrastructure Projects and has grown alongside with these industries of Taiwan.

Over the last fifty years, Tai Fung Group and our esteemed Principals have participated in hundreds of major projects on both sides of the Taiwan Strait. Major projects that we have participated in Taiwan include: CPC Refineries (Ethylene Plants, FCC and RFCC Plants), TPC Fossil Power Plants, Nuclear Plant Betterment and Maintenance Works, FPC 6th Naphtha Cracker Complex, Taipei-Ilan Expressway, High Speed Train, Pinling Tunnel, Waste-to-Energy Plants, Bali Waste Water Treatment Plant Ocean Outfall, CKS Airport, Mass Transit Systems, and Harbor Planning…etc., just to name a few. Our subsidiary Jackson International was first established in the Mainland China 1993, the business we are involved include: the trading of various Petroleum Products, Fuel, Catalyst, Catalyst Regeneration, Cryogenic pipeline Material, Phenol Plant Engineering, Various Imported Equipment for Petrochemical Plants, Power Plants, and Fertilizer Plants, just to mention a few.
The total contract value Tai Fung and our Principals has executed over the years amount to over ten billion US Dollars in the following fields of services: Process Know-How Licensing, Design and Consultant Packages, Turnkey Construction, Supply of Equipment, Feed Stock, Catalyst, Fuel, and Petrochemical Products.      
The seven subsidiaries and five offices worldwide, located in Taipei, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Los Angeles, are all operated by one management team of the Group, hence knowledge and information can be efficiently accumulated and exchanged. Not only do all of our sales personnel have the required professional knowledge in the fields we operate, but have also accumulated valuable experiences in collecting market intelligence, providing market analysis and knowing the “do’s” and “don’ts” during the execution stage of projects. Through our value-added consultation and marketing services, Tai Fung Group strives in creating real value for our Principals.       
We have totally more than 80 employees in five locations.  Two out of three of our staffs are technical professionals in chemical engineering, Environmental, Mechanical, electrical… etc.  We have accumulated very broad technical knowledge, marketing information and working experience to successfully distribute our principal’s products in the territory.  
On 2007, we have also expand to consumer business in Taiwan, such as health food and beverage, we wish this leaping expansion will bring to the Group better veriety and balance.
Finally, we are constantly trying to diversity our business, and willing to meet friends from abroad for exchange in opinion and we are not hesitate to share our valuable market knowledge with our new friends.